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Fertil, B., Massin, M., Lespinats, S., Devic, C., Dumee, P. et Giron, A. (2005) “GENSTYLE: exploration and analysis of DNA sequences with genomic signature.” Nucleic Acids Res, Juil 2005 1;33 (Web Server issue):ws12-15.

Résumé :
GENSTYLE (http://Genstyle.imed.jussieu.fr) is a workspace designed for the characterization and classification of nucleotide sequences. Based on the genomic signature paradigm, GENSTYLE focuses on oligonucleotide frequencies in DNA sequences. Users can select sequences of interest in the GENSTYLE companion database, where the whole set of GenBank sequences is grouped per species, or upload their own sequences to work with. Tools for the exploration and analysis of signatures allow (i) identification of the origin of DNA segments (detection of rare species or species for which technical problems prevent fast characterization, such as micro-organisms with slow growth), (ii) analysis of the homogeneity of a genome and isolation of areas with novel functionality (horizontal transfers for example)--and (iii) molecular phylogeny and taxonomy.

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