Laboratoire des systèmes solaires (L2S).
50 av. du Lac Léman,


Lespinats, S. and Aupetit, M. (2011) “CheckViz: Sanity Check and Topological Clues for Linear and Non-Linear MAppings.” Computer Graphics forum, 30(1), pp 113-125.

Abstract :
The contribution of solar energy generation assets to the French electrical grid is fast growing. Because the weather is intrinsically fluctuating and chaotic and photovoltaic production is obviously connected to weather conditions, the supply of photovoltaic energy is fluctuating and chaotic as well. But the electrical grid must be balanced at any time. To control the solar energy penetration into the network while keeping it balanced, photovoltaic production pattern must be anticipated [1, 2]. That is how weather forecasts become very helpful to manage solar plants. Photovoltaic is actually exempt from establishing a production guideline within French rules (unlike other energy plants), so as to support the growing of renewable energy. However, when the percentage of unforeseeable energy exceeds a threshold of 30% on a network, the energy administrator is allowed to disconnect a producer without any financial compensation. Such a threshold is actually frequently reached in several French insular departments and territories (French Caribbean islands, Réunion, Corse, …). Unfortunately, this threshold will not promote investments in photovoltaic plants.
Our Vision - Lately, wind farms are asked to provide a production guideline as any other energy producer. We believe that, sooner or later, a similar rule will be applied on solar farms, which will allow the removal of the threshold on the share of unpredictable energy injected on the network. Otherwise, there is no doubt that a tool to forecast the production will help photovoltaic producers and network managers.