Laboratoire des systèmes solaires (L2S).
50 av. du Lac Léman,


Devic, C., Lespinats, S., Giron, A. and Fertil, B. (2006) “Détection et segmentation des zones atypiques du génome.” 7èmes Journées Ouvertes Biologie Informatique Mathématiques, JOBIM 2006, 2006 jul.

Abstract :
It’s now commonly admitted that most prokaryote genomes contain foreign DNA acquired by horizontal transfers of genetic material between species (recent works even tend to confirm this trend among eukaryotes). Today, this mechanism of horizontal transfers is considered as one of the major factor of evolution. Furthermore, other portions of genome, such as ribosomal ADN, are known to have a specific role in DNA expression process. Therefore, detecting, characterising and analysing all these atypical portions in genomes at a large scale should help to better understand organisation of genome and evolution. This paper proposes an evolution to an existing method dedicated to a large-scale analysis of atypical DNA portions among genomes. Its efficiency is evaluated using sequences patched with foreign DNA material and ribosomal DNA whose position are perfectly known.
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